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"Excitement is generated straightaway with their forthright account of Captain Ward, which typifies their approach – authentic and assured vocal, expertly configured and genuinely interesting instrumental setting and arrangement, and power and drive aplenty."

~ The Living Tradition, Scotland

"A must-have album that ends way too fast. Thank heavens they invented the repeat button. You'll need it, you'll need it a lot!"

~ Celtcast, The Netherlands

"They serve us eleven superb songs here... and offer us a music powerful, fresh, catchy that has nothing to envy to the ones played in the 'Green Island' sessions. "

~ Le Peuple Breton, France

Sleeve Notes

So you can enjoy the new album, we've created some notes on all the tracks.  

1. Captain Ward 

This song from the 17th Century tells the story of Captain John Ward a pirate who, together with a Dutch accomplice, Dansekar, was the scourge of the seas from 1604 to 1609. In this version of the song, which we heard on a recording by the Scottish band Alba,  Ward defeats the King’s ship Royal Rainbow after a 12-hour battle and sends a message to the king: "though he reigns king on all dry land, I'll reign king on sea!" It is followed by ‘Paddy goes East’, a composition of Gerry’s, the title of which was inspired by its Eastern-European sounding rhythm.

Helen - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bodhran
Joe - Rhythm Guitars
Simon - Bouzouki
Kieran - Fiddle, Viola
Michael - Flute, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Accordion, Alto G Whistle
Philip Masure - Darbuka

2. Twa Corbies 

'The Twa Corbies' is a cynical Scottish parody of a 17th Century English song 'The Three Ravens'. In this dark version, the corbies (crows) tell that the dead knight's hawk and hound have forsaken him and are off chasing game, while his lover has already moved on to another knight.  Since no-one knows or cares where his body lies, the corbies talk in detail about the meal they will make of him, plucking out his eyes and using his hair for their nest. That's recycling folks!

Helen - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bodhran
Joe - Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Simon - Backing Vocals
Kieran - Fiddle, Viola
Michael - Flute
Gerry - Accordion, Low D Whistle
Philip Masure - Effects

3. Ynis Avalach 

We adapted this first tune 'Ynis Avalach' from the playing of our friends in the German band Faun. It takes the form of what is known in Brittany as a Tricot because it knits an An Dro and a Hanter Dro together. This is followed by the popular slip jig ‘Dever the Dancer’. We end the set with two classic reels: ‘Toss the Feathers #1’ and ‘Toss the Feathers #2’. 

Helen - Bodhran
Joe - Rhythm Guitars, Melody Guitar on "Dever the Dancer"
Simon - Rhythm Guitar, Melody Guitar on "Ynis Avalach"
Kieran - Fiddle, Viola
Michael - High C Whistle, Flute, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Alto G Whistle, Accordion, Bouzouki, Piano

4. A Band of Gold 

This song is a recent composition by Dublin singer-songwriter, Maurice McGrath. It tells the sad story of a young woman whose father forbids her to marry her lover because he cannot afford to buy her a ring – the band of gold.  He leaves, never to return, and settles for the stars above being the band of gold.

Helen - Lead Vocals
Joe - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Simon - Bouzouki, Backing Vocals
Kieran - Fiddle, Viola
Michael - Alto F Whistle
Gerry - Mezzo Bb Whistle (solo), Accordion Bass

5. Magic Happens

Gerry composed the first jig, ‘Magic Happens’. This is followed by a composition of Joe Liddy, ‘The Three Wishes’. The set finishes with Charlie Lennon’s ‘Morning Sunday’. 

Helen - Bodhran
Simon - Guitars
Kieran - Fiddle
Michael - High D Whistle, Flute, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Accordion, Bouzouki

6. The War of the Crofters 

The Scottish singer/songwriter, Brian McNeill, is well-known for his political songs of social consciousness. Although based on a traditional theme, the sentiments expressed in this fine song are very much relevant today. #IndyRef2 anyone?

Helen - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bodhran
Joe - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Simon - Bouzouki, Backing Vocals
Kieran - Fiddle
Michael - High D Whistle, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Accordion

7. Farewell to Charlemagne 

Michael composed this beautiful air as a mark of respect for his fluffy bunny 'Charlemagne' who sadly expired last year after eating contaminated lettuce.* Originally named after a building in Brussels, it has wider metaphorical connotations given Charlemagne’s role in promoting education and learning.

Michael - Low D Whistle, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Synth, Piano

8. The Cameronian Highlander Set

The Cameronian Highlander is a well-known barn dance. This is followed by three reels: ‘The Killavil Reel’, ‘The Bag of Spuds’ and ‘The Carracastle Lass’. 

Helen - Bodhran
Joe - Rhythm Guitars
Simon - Rhythm Guitars
Kieran - Fiddle
Michael - Flute, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Accordion, Bouzouki

9. Jamie Raeburn 

Jamie Raeburn is reputed to have been a baker in Glasgow, Scotland who was sentenced for petty theft and transported to the British colonies as punishment. It is alleged that he was innocent. 

Helen - Lead & Backing Vocals
Joe - 2nd Guitar
Simon - Bb Baritone Finger-Picked Guitar
Kieran - Fiddle, Viola
Michael - Alto F Whistle
Gerry - Mezzo Bb Whistle (Solo), Accordion Bass

10. Midlothian Mining Song

This traditional Scottish song tells of the deprivations of the life of a miner and how the working conditions are nothing like those enjoyed by people who work only "8 hours a day".  It is preceded by the ‘Coleraine Jig‘.

Helen - Lead & Backing Vocals, Bodhran
Joe - Rhythm & Melody Guitars
Simon - Bouzouki
Kieran - Fiddle
Michael - Mezzo A Whistle, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Accordion

11. Breaking Wind 

Simon learned this first tune from the playing of Breton guitarist Gilles le Bigot. It is followed by a composition of Kieran’s son, Lorcan Fahy, entitled ‘Mother Folker Therapy’. The last tune is a Michael McGoldrick composition, ‘Windbroke’.

Helen - Bodhran
Joe - 2nd Guitar on 1st tune, Rhythm Guitar
Simon - Melody Guitar, Bouzouki
Kieran - Fiddle
Michael - Low D Whistle, Uilleann Pipes
Gerry - Accordion

*No animals were harmed in the making of this CD! 


Recorded by Philip Masure at Folk Studios and Pascale Snoeck at Elle Studios, Belgium.

Mixed by Philip Masure, Gerry Murray & Joe Hennon.

Mastered by Red Mastering, UK.

Artwork by Robin Dekker, The Netherlands.


Paddy Goes East (Track 1) - Gerry Murray

A Band of Gold (Track 4) - Maurice McGrath

Magic Happens (Track 5) - Gerry Murray

The Three Wishes (Track 5) - Joe Liddy

Morning Sunday (Track 5) - Charlie Lennon

The War of the Crofters (Track 6) - Brian McNeill

Farewell to Charlemagne (Track 7) - Michael Horgan

Mother Folker Therapy (Track 11) - Lorcan Fahy

Windbroke (Track 11) - Michael McGoldrick

Shantalla is:

Simon Donnelly (Guitars, Bouzouki, Vocals)
Kieran Fahy 
(Fiddle, Viola)
Helen Flaherty 
(Vocals, Bodhran)
Joe Hennon 
(Guitars, Vocals)
Michael Horgan 
(Uilleann Pipes, Flute, Whistles)
Gerry Murray 
(Accordion, Whistles, Bouzouki, Piano)

Additional percussion by Philip Masure

Special Thanks

Philip Masure, who's been a good friend of the band from the beginning and who is fab to work with in the recording studio

Pascale Snoeck, who has been our live sound technician since 1997

Patrick De Loecker for booking all the gigs

Marc Van Daal for the Chanter

Colin Goldie for the loan of a Bb Whistle

Finian McCluskey for listening to early mixes

To our fans all over the world for your continuing support - you're the reason we do this! 

And, all this wouldn't be possible without the support and love of our families...

New CD Out Now

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